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Female Fronted Progressive Rock/Pop Band

New Album

New Album coming 2021!

In September 2018, Vamoosery entered the studio to begin the process of creating their first 10 track full-length album. This lengthy project entails composing, demoing, recording, producing, comping, editing, mixing, mastering, videoing, marketing and a whole lot more.

“Over the past six years, many of these songs have been shaped and crafted into something we are proud to present at our live shows. Preparing them for the studio is a whole new challenge, however, and we are excited to breathe new life into these songs and share them with you!”

As Vamoosery continue the album process during 2020, there will many opportunities for you to get involved. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to receive exclusive content from the band and stay up to date on any news.


Vamoosery are unique. From the way they compose their individual brand of progressive alt-rock, right through to their passion for impacting people with their message, these Nexus ICA graduates have managed to expertly combine their musical ability with pure dedication and devotion. After their first UK tour in 2018 and significant progress on their debut album during 2019-2020, the band look to polish and publish new material in the new year….

James (Guitar)

James grew up in the Lake District where his main outlet of music was singing in choirs. At 14 he picked up the guitar and later went on to study at Nexus ICA where he met the rest of the band! One of James’s key passions lies in the development of sound, tone and production. As such, he now studies music technology alongside his role in Vamoosery.

Sheridan (Vocals)

The Londoner of the band, Sheridan is known for her powerful, high range vocals and has drawn much of her inspiration from artists such as Evanescence, Jessie J and Queen B herself. Alongside Joel, Sheridan has been responsible for co-writing many of the bands most popular songs and has recently begun work on a solo project. Impressively, she knows all the lyrics to Eminem’s Curtain Call album.


Joel (Guitar)

The main man of the band, Joel helped kickstart this whole thing, and a huge part of Vamoosery’s sound is down to his unique way of approaching music. Inspired by a range of genres and artists such as Led Zeppelin and Mewithoutyou, Joel brings a progressive twist to the band.

Rich (Bass)

Having joined in October 2017, Rich quickly slotted into the band, bringing with him a huge amount of energy and on-stage presence. Although he initially studied drums, Rich now plays bass for both Vamoosery and Rifferspock, while also studying a bachelors in Law. His influences range from the likes of metal and punk to blues and funk! Weirdly, his favourite movie is “The Room” and he considers Tommy Wiseau to be the greatest of all filmmakers.



Kevin (Drums)

Our other newest member, Kevin joined in October 2017, whilst finishing a degree in Popular Music and Theology. Having been brought up on the likes of Pink Floyd, Queen and Metallica, Kevin is passionate about music and brings his own unique flavour to the sound of Vamoosery. When he’s not hitting the skins for Vamoosery, Kevin can often be found composing music for his upcoming project, K.A.B.


Tour Dates

Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs

Motorfest Coventry – 12:10pm and 3pm – 01/06/19

Live Lounge Fundraiser Gig – Elim Church, Coventry – 7pm – 31/05/19

Vamoosery Duo-St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham – 6pm -24/05/19

Kasbah – Coventry – 10:00pm – 29/03/19

Radio Plus – Coventry – 5pm – 12/12/17

O2 Academy – Birmingham – 7pm – 12/01/18

Cafe 1001 – London – 7:30pm – 09/02/18

Kasbah – Coventry – 11:30pm – 16/04/18

St Maries Church – Rugby – 7pm – 13/04/18

Meltdown – Cefn Lea – 18-20/05/18

The Blood On Our Hands Tour – UK – 21-26/05/18

Creation Fest – Royal Cornwall Showground 04/08/18

KingStock – Moggerhanger Park – 12/08/18


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